Otsuka Foods



Based on its corporate philosophy, Otsuka Foods will work to solve social issues through business activities with the aim of building a sustainable society.

Corporate Philosophy

Food begins with spirit, creating deliciousness, safety, peace of mind and better health

Sustainability Mission

Based on its corporate philosophy, Otsuka Foods aims to achieve its own sustainable growth while helping to promote a healthy, sustainable society. Supported by an optimized governance system, we are working to achieve our goals for each activity area in order to contribute to the health of human societies and the planet.

Otsuka Foods’s Materiality and Related SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Materiality Social Issues Our Activities Related SDGs
Society Health

・Unmet medical and health needs

・Nutritional needs

・Increasing aging issues

・Popularization and awareness-raising of "food" that creates health for extending healthy life expectancy

・Popularization and awareness-raising of products that improve eating habits, helping to prevent or ameliorate lifestyle-related diseases and frailty in the elderly


・Presenteeism *

・Unprepared for diversification

・Human resource development (Enhancement of employee education)

・Diversity promotion /Ikuboss Declaration ("Ikuboss" = boss who promotes staffs work-life balance)

・Health management (Antismoking campaigns, etc.)

Quality in all we do

・Consumption and production that impairs sustainability

・Promotion of "Customer-oriented management"

・BCP (Quality assurance and stable supply)

・Construction of a traceability system

Environment Carbon Neutrality
Circular Economy
Water Neutrality

・Global warming

・Environmental load increase

・Reducing freshwater availability

・Pursuit of energy conservation and use of clean energy

・Environmental consideration of packaging materials used

・Introduction of CO2-free electric power, reduction of water consumption and industrial waste

・Clean-up activities in each area and participation in environmental activity events in Kushiro, Shiga, and Tokushima

・Initiatives to reduce food loss


・Fragile governance system

・Social change risk

・Appointment of compliance managers and implementation of education and training

・Responsible promotional activities and information provision (Establishment of Labeling Committee)

*The situation where productivity does not go up from the badness of the mind and body condition despite coming to work