Otsuka Foods


Basic Policy to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Basic Policy to Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Food begins with spirit, creating deliciousness, safety, peace of mind and better health. Based on this philosophy, Otsuka Foods actively seeks out the opinions of its customers. While incorporating their feedback into management decisions, we constantly strive to provide safe and reliable products, services, and information that will meet customer expectations. We are determined to remain a company that always earns our customers’ trust.

Action Guidelines for Customer Satisfaction

We respond accurately and promptly to customer feedback and act in good faith.
We respect the rights of customers and comply with all relevant laws, regulations and internal standards.
We actively provide customers with appropriate information that is easy to understand.
Taking the customer’s perspective, we carry out our activities with due consideration for fairness, transparency, ease, and responsiveness.
We take customer feedback seriously, share it internally, and utilize it appropriately.
We rigorously protect the personal information of customers.