Otsuka Foods


Business Areas

We deliver delicious, quality food
that brings fun and pleasure
while contributing to good health.

Food Business

Since the launch of our Bon Curry, the world’s first commercial retort food product, we have pioneered the retort pouch with a variety of different products. Our My Size calorie control series, Mannanhikari processed rice-like food made from konjac, and Zero Meat processed soybean-based products that are meat-free—all of these and more provide “new food” solutions to address social challenges.

Beverage Business

We deliver beverages that enrich everyday lives with a lineup that includes MATCH, a refreshing carbonated vitamin drink; CRYSTAL GEYSER, an easy-to-drink soft water that suits the Japanese palate; Sinvino JAVA TEA Straight to complement meals; and Sugoi Daizu, Japan’s first whole soybean beverage that includes soy pulp.