Otsuka Foods



Ensuring continual quality and peace of mind with products that meet our own high safety standards.

As a food company, we adhere not only to Japan’s Food Sanitation Act, but also to our own high safety standards. This means we perform strict production and quality control across all of our production processes. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality levels, as we manufacture products for other Otsuka group companies as well, such as Oronamin C Drink and Pocari Sweat.

Production centers

ISO and HALAL certifications for each factory

September 1999
Tokushima Factory obtains ISO14001 certification.
May 2000
Tokushima Factory obtains ISO9002 certification for drink facilities.
October 2002
Tokushima Factory obtains ISO9001 certification expanded to all areas of the factory, upgrades to ISO9001.
April 2007
Shiga Factory ISO9001 certification expanded.
September 2007
Kushiro Factory ISO9001 certification expanded.
September 2008
Tokushima, Shiga, and Kushiro factories obtain ISO9001 & 14001 integrated certification.
September 2011
Gunma Factory ISO9001 & 14001 certification integrated and expanded.
January 2012
Shiga Factory obtains HALAL certification.
August 2020
Tokushima, Shiga, Kushiro, and Gunma factories obtain integrated ISO 14001 certification under the Otsuka group.