Otsuka Foods


President’s Message

In line with the Otsuka group corporate philosophy of “Food begins with spirit, creating deliciousness, safety, peace of mind and better health,” we at Otsuka Foods develop food and beverage products that meet the needs of the times and the societies we live in. Our groundbreaking products, such as the world’s first commercial retort food product,* Bon Curry, which launched in 1968, help enrich diets by delivering delicious taste, ideas, technologies, and reliable quality.

In recent years, the food-related environment in which we operate has changed significantly, and consumer dietary habits have also undergone dramatic change. While more people are now enjoying cooking at home, the desire to reduce the burden of household chores by spending less time and effort in the kitchen is also growing. Greater awareness of health and environmental issues also means more diverse consumer needs and values.

Otsuka Foods will continue to create “new food” solutions to help solve the issues consumers face. We focus on the intrinsic values that food represents: the pleasure of good eating; a means of communicating with family, friends, and the larger society; and a way of keeping healthy. We are also committed to sustainable growth as a company, which we will achieve by contributing to society through our products.

*Retort food: Food made with technology that uses pressurization and heating to sterilize food packed in airtight containers
Goro Ikeuchi

President and Representative Director