Otsuka Foods


Research and Development

Meeting customer needs with original concepts and development capabilities
— Delivering new foods

Ever since we introduced Bon Curry in 1968, we have continued to develop innovative new products. We released Sinvino JAVA TEA Straight to complement meals in 1989 and the carbonated vitamin drink MATCH in 1996. Then, in 2001, we introduced Mannanhikari, a rice-like processed food that enhances meals as an enjoyable calorie-reduced staple. In 2010, we turned our attention to the evolving consumer lifestyles and portion sizes. This effort yielded the My Size series, which is based on the concept of delivering the right portion sizes in terms of both quantity and calories. As a member of the Otsuka group, we have also participated in research and development for POCARI SWEAT, Calorie Mate, and SOYJOY. Based on our original concepts and development capabilities, as well as a traditional pioneering spirit, we will continue to deliver new foods to people’s tables as only Otsuka Foods can.

Bringing new ideas to the food scene through continuous research and development

As a food company, it is essential that we gain the trust of our customers. At Otsuka Foods, through our expansive information network, we listen carefully to the market and the needs of the consumer, and incorporate the findings into our research and development. We believe it is our mission to build new products born out of this process into trusted brands.