Otsuka Foods


Environmental Management System

At Otsuka Foods, we are working to build, maintain and improve an environmental management system to promote company-wide environmental activities based on our policy.

Committee for the Promotion of Environmental Measures

Otsuka Foods has established a Committee for the Promotion of Environmental Measures, composed of members selected from each department, to consider the company’s direction and issues related to the environment. Under the committee are environmental management personnel in each department, who work on environmental compliance management and the implementation of measures decided by the committee across the whole company.


ISO14001 certification and operation

The Tokushima Factory obtained ISO 14001 certification in 1999, and by September 2011 all four Otsuka Foods production facilities had obtained this certification. These sites are still working to reduce their environmental impact and promote further environmental conservation activities.
In August 2020, group-wide ISO 14001 certification was obtained to further strengthen the efforts of the entire Otsuka Group.

September 1999    Tokushima Factory obtains certification.
September 2008    Kushiro Factory obtains certification.
September 2008    Shiga Factory obtains certification.
September 2011    Gunma Factory obtains certification.
August 2020    All four factories obtain integrated certification under the Otsuka group (Tokushima, Kushiro, Shiga, and Gunma factories)