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Otsuka Hatsuratsu Ren Participates in the Awa Dance Festival

The Awa Dance Festival is one of the three major Bon dance events held across Japan. With a history of about 400 years, the Awa Dance originated in Tokushima.
The participants dance in teams (ren) along with musicians who play instruments such as shamisen lutes, taiko drums, kane bells and yokobue flutes. Similar events are held in nearby communities each August, but the festival in Tokushima City (August 12 to 15) is the largest in the prefecture. Many companies have traditionally participated in the event. In 1963, the Otsuka Chemical Ren was formed, and in 1988, it became the Otsuka Hatsuratsu Ren with members from Otsuka Chemical, Otsuka Warehouse, and Otsuka Foods.
The team practices twice a week from June to August 12th every year. While the atmosphere is casual with members who are employees along with some family members and acquaintances, Otsuka Hatsuratsu Ren is known throughout the Otsuka Group for its crisp and synchronized movements.
On the days of the festival, the team starts at the performance area in front of Tokushima City Hall, and then dances along the procession route. The streets are lined with spectators who are encouraged to join in and everyone ends up enjoying the summer atmosphere of Tokushima.

  • Women’s dance
  • Men’s dance
  • Women do a men’s dance
  • Musicians