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Otsuka Foods believes that “Food begins with spirit, creating deliciousness, safety, peace of mind and better health.” With this corporate philosophy in mind, we have been operating our business with the aim of maintaining good relationships with all of our stakeholders.

Our objective is to fulfill our corporate philosophy, while staying in dialogue with stakeholder groups and delivering on our social responsibilities. Therefore, in addition to expecting legal compliance from all officers and employees, Otsuka Foods also requires them to comply with internal rules, social norms, and corporate ethics. We believe in complete compliance in every aspect of our activities.

Otsuka Foods has established the Declaration for Action and the Otsuka Foods Compliance Program. Every employee pays particular attention to these guidelines and puts them into practice.

Declaration for Action

Basic Declaration

Each one of us understands and complies with the laws and regulations related to our individual roles and responsibilities in order to earn the trust of all our stakeholders. We are committed to upholding public order and conducting our business in a way that meets high ethical standards.

We work hard to help solve various social issues while closely watching changes in the business environment and market needs.

To earn the trust of customers:

We are committed to providing safe products so that customers can use them with confidence.
We maintain a quality assurance system to ensure product safety and provide peace of mind, based on the principle of “quality first” in order to satisfy our customers.
We utilize customer feedback in the development and improvement of our products.

To earn the trust of shareholders:

We provide benefit to shareholders by improving business performance through the efficient use of management resources.

To earn the trust of business partners:

We build solid relationships of trust with business partners. We strive to achieve mutual sustainable development by understanding one another, practicing fair, appropriate information sharing, and exchanging opinions.
We carry out procurement activities with consideration for human rights, labor issues, the environment, and anti-corruption measures. Our aim in this is to help build a sustainable world.

To earn the trust of society:

We pursue sustainable growth and strive to help build a healthier, more sustainable world.
We operate an optimal governance system and work to achieve goals for promoting the health of human societies and the planet.
We have identified material issues for our environmental protection efforts: response to climate change, environmental resource management, and water resource conservation. We have set targets for 2030 accordingly and are working hard to achieve them.

To earn the trust of employees:

We support the United Nations Global Compact and build supportive workplace environments where human rights are respected.
We constantly work to improve workplace environments, while our employees strive to maintain and improve their own health. Our goal in this is to empower every employee to express their individuality fully, demonstrate their abilities, and play an active role.

To ensure trustworthy corporate activities:

We provide products that to bring people joy and happiness while also supporting their health.
We see internal control as a critical component of corporate governance and maintain and develop an internal control system.
We perform comprehensive organizational crisis management to prepare for any potential threats from antisocial forces, cyber or terrorist attacks, or potential natural disasters which could compromise the daily lives of citizens or our corporate activities.
We ensure the confidentiality of not only company data, but also the personal and other information provided by employees, suppliers, customers, and other business partners.
We disclose information promptly and appropriately.
In addition to protecting our company’s intellectual property, we respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and take strict measures to prevent improper use or rights infringement.

Senior management commitment to total implementation of the Declaration for Action:

Members of senior management understand that their role includes overseeing the implementation of this Declaration for Action. They ensure that it is well understood internally and among group companies as part of an effective governance system.
Finally, in the event of an incident that violates the intent of this Declaration for Action and causes a loss of public confidence in the company, senior management is responsible for taking the lead in solving the problem, investigating the causes, and preventing any incident recurrence.

Goro Ikeuchi
Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd.