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News Release

September 14, 2023
Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd.

Otsuka Foods to Launch MATCH Vitamin Mikan
500ml PET Bottle
New MATCH Carbonated Vitamin Drink Flavor
Available Starting October 2

TOKYO, Japan, September 14, 2023—Otsuka Foods Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo Ward, Osaka; President: Goro Ikeuchi) announced today that it will launch Match Vitamin Mikan (Mandarin Orange) in a 500ml PET bottle, the latest addition to its MATCH line of carbonated vitamin drinks, with twice the vitamin C,*1 on October 2, 2023 across Japan.

MATCH is a mildly carbonated vitamin beverage with a refreshing taste that is easy to gulp down. With the new MATCH Vitamin Mikan in 500ml PET bottles, Otsuka Foods retains the mild carbonation that MATCH drinks are known for and adds the refreshing aroma and flavor of moderately sweet, but just tart enough, unshu mikan mandarin oranges for easy gulping even in winter. One bottle is a delicious way to get a day’s worth of vitamins*2 and, with twice as much vitamin C, a great support for students studying hard for exams and busy high school students who want to stay active and healthy.

The bottles are packaged in the same spirited MATCH brand design, now in a color scheme evoking the delicious flavor of unshu mikan mandarin oranges and featuring an icon in the shape of a mandarin leaf.

Otsuka Foods continues to deliver the refreshing, delicious, easy-to-drink products that will make MATCH carbonated vitamin drinks a popular brand and a favorite part of high school life.

*1 Compared with 500ml MATCH drinks in other flavors
*2 Vitamins : Vitamin B, niacin, and vitamin C, based on Nutrition Reference Values